Pillow Inserts and Sizes

Do you have a pillow already but find it ugly? Do you want to order a cover but don't know what size to get? Simply measure seam to seam both vertical and horizontal and voila! That's the size of your pillow.

Can't decide what size to buy? Check out our handy guide below! For a snug fit, we recommend the cover be the same size as your pillow form.

12" x 20"

One of our most popular sizes. Perfect for lumbar support and everyday use. Works well on any chair, also great for yoga!

16" x 24"

Perfect for everyday use. Looks great on a bench, oversize comfy chair, or bed.

18" x 18"

Most popular size home decor cushion. Perfect for everyday use on the couch, chair, bed or anywhere!

20" x 20"

A standard couch size cushion. Not too small, not too big. Perfect for everyday use.

24" x 24"

The perfect floor cushion!